Advantages of Less than Truckload Shipping

The Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping is considered to be an ideal solution for shippers having too much freight for parcel carrier services, but have not enough to warrant a full truckload and LTL shipments weighing from 151 - 15,000 lbs. But, there are shippers sometimes who get stuck in deciding between the freight shipping options since the decisions will depend on different variables.

When you are one of the shippers who are confused with LTL, it is best that you explore more on what this could offer. In order to simplify it, below are some of the benefits that can be obtained from LTL shipping.

Minimizing Costs

Regardless about the shipper, cost effectiveness is usually at or perhaps near of the reasons to consider the selection of the best freight shipping option. With only less than a truckload shipping, freight which weighs more than 150 lbs. can actually be shipped at just a fraction of the cost from the full trailer. The lower cost is because of the LTL freight shipping process that actually entails the case of loading different shipments from different shippers to a single truck before you send this out for delivery. Check this website to know more!

Increase Security

After a shipper determined the right price point, they would usually consider the security of the goods. Because both of the parcel as well as LTL carriers adheres on the hub and the spoke operations, freight is usually handled several times at the time of the transit. LTL carriers also have the advantage of the over parcel carriers because freight shippers could encourage load freight to pallets or package freight to durable crates in order to protect this from general wear and tear at the time of the handling, reducing the loss of individual packages and provide protection from other freight in the trailer. Make sure to read more here!

To simply put it, fewer units and less handling would result to less damage and loss.

Ease of Tracking

For freights which is time-sensitive, there are companies who offers an expedited shipping solution. On all the other LTL shipments, they can be provided with estimated delivery time. With the ability in tracking the shipments, it can be helpful for planning on accepting the delivery. In order to simplify the process, the LTL carriers usually provides tracking which includes an in-transit shipment events like stop-offs, pickups and delivery.

Before you choose the freight shipping option that’s best suited for you, it is best that you understand fully first the benefits on each of it. With the benefits provided, you will be able to make an educated decision when it comes to shipping through LTL. Check out this website at for more info about shipping.